What Are Banner Ads And Do You Need Them?

What Are Banner Ads And Do You Need Them?

Banner ads have been a rudimentary form of internet advertising for decades now. And yet, they’re still a fantastic way for companies to advertise. These ads are meant to be placed on other websites to help draw traffic and raise awareness.

Resources like Google Ads make it easy for businesses to use banner ads to help draw in more traffic and encourage awareness of their products, services, and overall brand. But are banner suitable for all types of companies? How are they best used to gain an optimal result?

What Does A Banner Ad Look Like?

Banner ads are vertical and horizontal ads that fit within the margins of the top or side of a website. They invite viewers to visit the website and learn more about what a company has to offer.

Often, they include minimal text but will make use of eye-catching images to help convey a message and feeling in order to encourage the viewer to click. These ads should be bright and welcoming, and they should grab the reader’s attention.

Banner ads can be static or animated, though business owners do need to be careful to ensure any animated banners follow best practices so they don’t drive traffic away inadvertently.

Banner ads generally include the company logo, the value of a product or service, a visual element to catch the viewer’s eye, and a call to action to get them to click instead of scrolling away. All of these are used together to create a banner ad that captures the viewer’s attention and drives them to learn more.

When And Where Are Banner Ads Used?

Banner ads can be used when a business wants to advertise a new promotion, when they’re launching a new advertising campaign, or whenever the business wants to drive more traffic to their website. Each of these situations might call for a different banner ad to be created, so it’s better for businesses to have multiple ads they can pick from if they won’t be creating a new one for each campaign.

When a banner ad is created, it’s then placed in high-traffic areas of websites. Being in a high-traffic or high-visibility area encourages more people to click on the ad. There is a trend right now where people tend to automatically block out advertisements online because they’re so used to seeing them.

However, when the right banner ad is created, and it’s placed in one of these high-visibility areas—typically the front, bottom, or side of a website—the viewer is more likely to see it and click on it.
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